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Customer testimonials

A party you'll never forget.
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Barbora Thank you so much for organising everything for us. The trip went extremely well and a large part of that was to do with Prague weekends. Punctual, polite, professional the list goes on. Fantastic customer service and company, I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone. Do you work in any other European countries!? Thank you again. 

  Harry, 18. 9. 2019

Hi Barbora, Yes we had a great time! Thank you so much for all of your help and organization!!

  Sasha, 17. 9. 2019

Hi! It was awesome, thanks a lot! If there is any website or something where I can write a good comment for you, let me know ;) Best regards

  Carolin, 10. 9. 2019

Dear Justýna, thanks, i'm fine and i hope you too. It was a really really great weekend! For the next time i'll book from you again and i definetly recommend you to all of my friends. If you've fot a tripadvisor site i can leave a good comment :-) Greetings

  Johannes, 10. 9. 2019

Hi Justyna Thank you we had a great time and especially the evening you organised for us. You can be sure the next time I organise a trip or hear of anyone doing so I will use you first to save a lot of time and effort. Thank you again.

  Darren, 9. 9. 2019

Thanks Justýna everything was great thanks for organising. Kind regards,

  Joe, 9. 9. 2019

Hi Barbora, Hope you're well too. Thanks we really enjoyed it, everything was faultless. Thanks again

  Nathan, 3. 9. 2019

Ahoi, yeah thank you very much, was a nice weekened for sure. Kind regards

  Gernot, 3. 9. 2019

Dear Barbora, Yes thank you for that, we had a great Saturday night! Kind regards, 

  Daryl, 2. 9. 2019

Hello Barbora, Everything was Perfect. Thank you for that


  Patrick, 30. 8. 2019

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